M-72 LAW

Length open: 34.67 inches
Length closed: 24.8 inches
Weight: 5.1 pounds
Rocket caliber: 66 mm
Rocket length: 20 inches
Muzzle velocity: 475 fps
Min range: 33 feet
Max range: 3,300 feet

The M-72 LAW is a lightweight, shoulder fired, rocket powered, anti-armor weapon designed to penetrate about 10 inches of armor. It consists of two tubes, collapsed to its closed length for portability then extended for firing. The rocket consists of a HEAT warhead, with spring loaded fins. The rocket burns completely inside the launcher and creates a backblast behind the launchers. It may be used with limited success against other hardened targets. While LAW's were carried into the Battle at LZ Albany, this writer does not know if any were fired or if they were, against what type of target and at what effect.