NVA AK-47 Assault Rifle

Caliber: 7.62 mm X 39 mm
Action: Gas operated
Length: 870 mm
Barrel length: 415 mm
Weight: 4.3 kgs empty
Magazine capacity: 30 rounds
Sighting range: 800 meters
Muzzle velocity: 780 meters per second
Rate of fire: single shots or 400 rounds minute

The Kalashnikov assault rifles can fire in semi-automatic or automatic, with an effective range of about 300 meters, but the low muzzle velocity gives a looping trajectory at ranges beyond 300 meters. The barrel is prone to overheating after firing for extended periods. An improved version, the AKM, has a folding stock. All versions are very dependable weapons, are easy to maintain and produce a high volume of fire.