NVA RPD Machine Gun

Calibre: 7.62 mm
Length: 1036mm
Weight: 7.1 kg empty
Feed: Drum magazine
Drum Capacity: 100 rounds
Rate of fire: see text
Muzzle velocity: 700 mps
Max Effective Range: 800 m

The NVA Soviet made RPD, is a rough equavilent to the U.S. M-60 machine gun. It fires the same ammunition as the AK47 and the SKS rifle. Its slow rate of fire of 150 rpm, gave it a distinctive sound. The fixed bi-pod can be folded back along the barrel. The weapon is gas operated and air cooled. The RPD had two crew members. The gunner and his assistant/ammo bearer. The assistant was trained to take over as the gunner if needed.

Also called the Degtyarev