NVA RPG-7 Rocket Launcher

Grenade Caliber: 85 mm
Weight: 17 lb 7 oz
Muzzle velocity: 984 fps
Range moving: 330 yards
Range fixed: 550 yards
Armor penetration: 13 inches

The 85 mm projectile had a 40 mm launch tube that fits inside the launcher. When fired, the stabilizing fins pop out in flight. The missle is unguided and and subject to winds in flight. It is shoulder fired as shown above. The anti-tank round has a four meter kill radius when used against personnel. The flash and smoke created when firing, are clear give-a-ways to the gunners position. The round has a 4.5 second fuse that will activate if the round is still in flight. It is capable of downing helicopters, especially in frontal shots. In fixed Vietnam locations, sand bags and chain link fence, were good defenses against the RPG's.