NVA PPSh-41 / KM50 SMG

Caliber: 7.62 mm X 25
Length: 33 inches
Weight: 8 pounds
Barrel: 4 groove, right hand twist
Magazine: 35 rnd detachable or 71 rnd drum
Muzzle velocity: 1600 fps
Rate of fire: 900 rounds per minute
Effective range: about 150 meters

This weapon had a fire rate selector switch just in front of the trigger, inside the trigger guard. This allowed the rate of fire to be changed quickly from semi-automatic to automatic. Most of these weapons found in Vietnam, used the 35 round magazine. The Vietnamese variation of this weapon was the K50M, a modification of the PRC Type 50 variation. Instead of the long butt stock it used an wooden pistol grip and a sliding wire butt stock like that used on the MAT49. The KM50 was about 1.1 pounds lighter than the PPSh41. It was said to be cheap, effective and reliable.