Enemy Commanders And Units At LZ Albany

Commander, B3 Front (Division)
Brig General Chu Huy Man

Deputy Commander B3 Front, Battlefield Commander
Sr. Lt Colonel Nguyen Huu An

8th Battalion Commander, 66th Infantry
Le Xuan Phoi, Died in the action

6th, 7th, 8th, 10th Companies
Regimental Heavy Machine Gun Company
Battlion Headquarters

33rd Infantry
1st Battalion Commander
Pham Cong Cuu, Died in the action

1st Battalion Deputy Commander
Bui The Luan, Died in the action

320th Infantry
34th Battalion Commander, later became the 4th Bn
Di Luyen Ba

The 66th Infantry Regiments battalions were at almost full strength. A battlion consisted of about 500 men, about 120 to 125 men per company. They were fully equipped with all the weapons listed on this web site.