NVA 14.5 MM AntiAircraft Machine Gun

Caliber: 14.5 mm
Weight: 1 ton
Crew: 5
Rate Of Fire: 550-600 rds/min
Elevation: -15 to 90 degrees
Tactical Range: 1400 meters
Max Range: 5000 meters

The Model shown is the ZPU-2. The 14.5 mm comes in 1, 2 or 4 barrel models. The projectiles will penetrate 32 mm of armour. One Battalion of 14.5 mm AA was assigned to the B3 Front (Division) that fought in the Ia Drang Valley against the 1st Cavalry Division. It was considered a dangerous weapon when used against the helicopters but was also used against infantry and light armoured vehicles. The NVA imported large numbers of the quad mounted AA gun. When firing, the wheels are raised off the ground on jacks.