Ambush At LZ Albany, The Dirty Numbers

A numerical listing of those killed and wounded in a military action, seem so dry, so out of place. These numbers were more than that to us who knew these men as real people. We knew these men because we lived with them, ate with them, we even laughed and joked with them and told stories of the families back home. We told of dreams and hope's for the years ahead. Sadly, as in all wars, many of those dreams would never come true. Many of those killed were still in their teens and early 20's. Far too many mothers would cry, children would never again see their fathers. Loved one's for many were shipped home as freight. It all seems so pointless as seen from this time so far removed from the battlefield. One thing will never change though. That is our deep respect for all those who gave their lives in that hot, humid, jungle, in a place nobody really wanted to be.

Official U.S. Military Count

151 killed
121 wounded
4 missing

On a search the following summer of LZ Albany, the remains of the 4 missing men were located.

The names of all those killed in the ambush at LZ Albany, can be found on Panel 3 East of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Report On The NVA

403 enemy killed
150 enemy wounded.

Many things in this story are from my personal memory of my time at LZ X-Ray and Albany. Other information was provided by military records, books, magazines and other written accounts.

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