Rotor diameter: 48 feet
Length: 57.3 feet
Height: 14.9 feet
Speed: 121 knots (About 139 MPH)
Ceiling: 10,000 feet without oxygen
Maximum takeoff weight: 10,500 pounds
Range: About 200 miles
Crew: 2 Officers, 2 enlisted
Cost: About $4.7 million dollars
Powerplant: UH-1B 960 HP; UH-1C 1,000 HP; UH-1D 1,100 HP

The UH-1 was used in Vietnam by the 1st Cavalry Division for command and control, for gunships, for air assault as a transport for personnel, equipment and supplies of all types and for medical evacuation. Its name "Huey" came from it original designation as the HU-1 helicopter when it was originally procurred in 1959. Huey's were the first units to drop in re-inforcement troops and supplies under fire, to the troops in LZ Albany, then they were also the first to lift out injured troopers.