Wing span: 50 ft 1/4 in
Length: 40 feet
Height: 15 ft 9 5/8 in
Weight: 24,872 lbs max
Engine: 2,700 HP
Max speed: 325 MHP
Crusing speed: 240 MPH
Range: 1,500 miles
Ceiling: 26,200 feet
Armament: Four 20 mm cannon, and a wide assortment of bombs or rockets

Beginning as a replacement for the SBD dive bomber in WWII, it was designated the AD. In 1963 the AD-5 was modified and redesignated as the A-1E for service in Vietnam. The A-1E had the ability to carry large bomb loads, could fly at low altitudes for long periods and could take heavy ground fire, all of which made it well suited for close support missions for ground troops. At LZ Albany, the cannons, napalm and 250 pound bombs, carried on the A-1E provided the needed very close support for the action on the ground in the afternoon of November 17, 1965.