AN/PRC-25 Backpack Transceiver

Coverage: 30.00 - 75.95 MHz FM in 2 bands
RF Output: 1.1 to 2.0 watts
Power: 3VDC @ .4 A & 15 VDC @ 1.4 A
Supplied with H-250 hanset & antennas, optional separate Audio amp/power supply for operation on 24 VDC, w/ speaker.
Radio is solid state except for 2DF4 tube in the internal power amplifier.

The AN/PRC-25 radio was used for communications between all units in the Battle at LZ Albany. The front panel shown at the top above, is close to its actual size of 4 X 11 inches. Normally the radio was carried in the optional backpack shown at the left. At the right is the H-250 handset, the AT-892 ribbon antenna and the AT-271 telescoping antenna, plus the carrying bag. When you read accounts of the battle, where troops are calling for help, calling in artillery or air support, or being told to clear the frequency, this is the radio that was used. The radio operators who died there, were all carrying this radio in their backpacks.